Purpose, Vision & Values

YABE Masayuki
President and CEO
Chi-ken Sogo Consultants Co.,Ltd.


Chi-ken Sogo Consultants Co., Ltd (CSC) was originally established as the consolidation of construction consulting business of Sumiko Consultant Co., Ltd. and CSC became a part of CTI Engineering group in October 2010.
 As our company name "Chi-ken" means 'Geosphere', the core technical field of our company is the survey, analysis and design of air, ground and waters. We have been providing technical services in the field of infrastructures, O&M, underground utilization, resource exploration, energy, disaster management and spatial information etc. with full use of our state-of-the-art technologies and knowledges based on the affluent experiences which have been cultivated since Sumiko Consultant Co., Ltd was established.


We are focusing on improving our technical skills and training our engineers so that we can respond to the customer's demands accurately in a timely manner by actively participating in collaborative researches with universities and public research institutes. In the project of active fault survey and volcano research, we have been experiencing valuable opinion exchanges with many researchers, which helps us to become genuine engineers.


How to tackle natural disasters such as huge earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, large floods and other natural disasters, and how to secure energy resources are critical issues not only in Japan but also in the whole world and we fully utilize our geospatial technologies to solve these issues, seriously with passion.
 In CSC, we have reliable technologies and corporate culture that we shall faithfully respond to customer's requests. CSC will make maximum effort with united executives and employees so as to respond to customers' trust and contribute to our better future.